New Age Web Development – How Do You Get?

Web Design For the 21st Century

Technology today is moving at a break-neck pace, and when you look at web design, the process of transition and change is happening even faster!

The year is 2016 and if your website was designed even a couple years ago then it is outdated. With new technology including responsive design and new html5 and css3, if you build your site before these technologies, then a new website makeover is a must.

Does your website look good on a mobile device like a smartphone or ipad? Do you have to zoom in or scroll to see the web design content on a mobile device? If your website is not designed with a responsive design, or has a separate mobile site, then chances are that your website looks bad when viewed on a mobile.

What is Responsive Web Design?

In order to have your website look good on both the desktop computer and also look good on a mobile device, building your website with a responsive design will solve this problem

A responsive website will “respond” to whatever device your website is being viewed on. In other words, if you look at your website on a small mobile device like a smartphone, then your responsive website will shrink to fit in the view-able space on your phone.

If your website is just another basic static html website that doesn’t respond to the different sizes of the mobile devices out there, then your website is very outdated and needs a makeover fast.


How Do You Make Your Website More Modern?

One of the easiest ways to create a responsive website is to use one of the more modern CMS (Content Management Systems) on the market, like WordPress or Joomla.

With these 2 popular website builders, it is easy to build a website that is both modern and functional for today’s technology advancements.

It also makes it really easy to build a website without the need for having to learn how to code and saves money from having to invest in a web developer that will set you back thousands of dollars.

Using these common CMS systems to build your website, you can create magnificent web design as easy as using a typical word document and easy drag-n-drop interfaces.



How Digital Printing Can Save Hours

Why Use Digital Printing?

In modern times here in 2016, the use of digital technology can create amazing quality prints for a fraction of the cost that it takes to do traditional offset printing.

With Digital Printing, there is no need for plates for each of the colors as the print comes directly from the computer and the print file. This is why digital printing is so popular today.

Digital Printing allows for short runs.

Let’s say that you only need to print 20 pieces of that brochure or postcard and you need it by the next day. There is no way that traditional offset printing will fill your needs here as they only work for huge print runs of thousands.

With digital printing however, you can send 1 print or thousands simply by hitting the print button from within your computer screen. The new technology of the latest digital printers also allow you to print on many different types of stocks.

Gone are the days of just sending a file to a color copier, todays digital printers can produce extreme high quality prints that rival the quality of the much more expensive offset printers.

Color Matching Is Top Notch.

The cool thing about digital printers is that the colors stay consistent. There is no need to run a bunch of prints and wait till you get the colors right before finally hitting go. That is typically the process for offset press machines because you can have a varying degree of changes throughout the printing process.

With digital printing however, the 1 print will look just like the 100th print because the technology is exactly the same every time.

Video Content is Now King

We All Know that Video is Taking Over the Internet

So I’m sure you’ve heard that saying – “content is king” and really know what that means. On the internet people are always searching for content and looking for ways that they can get information fast.

If your website has good content – then that content is king in terms of getting your website to show in search engines and getting people to find you online. That is why content is king.

But really it is “good content is king”. This is where having good quality video can really make or break your online success because video now shows up in google’s search results and can get you fast rankings and traffic.

What Makes Video King Content?

Most people who surf the web are ADD and need to have their information in a timely manner. While not all people who look online for information fall into this category, most of them do and need to get their info fast.

This is why video content is so good. You can keep people engaged much longer on a video that is compelling versus having someone read content on a page. They can just sit back and watch the video.

You can also create really good rapport on video and get your point across in a much more engaging way that people respond to.

So next time you want to put some content onto your website, check out creating some video.

How To Make Responsive Websites

What are responsive websites?

If you’re at all new to the world of web design, then the word “responsive web design” will not mean anything to you.

In a nutshell, responsive web design is a website that will respond to whatever devices – usually a mobile device – that you’re viewing the web page in. In other words, if you look at a website on a mobile phone, you want your website to shrink to fit the viewing area of the device.

So your website will respond to what ever dimension the browser if scaled to.

Conversely, if you view your website on a much larger screen like a desktop or a presentation screen, you also want your website to fit this size.

Responsive websites have been around for a few years, and are still relatively new to the world of online websites.

While it might appear today that all websites use this technology, there are still a majority of websites on the internet that do not employ the new responsive web designs. Meaning that many websites still have typical old-school html layouts that are static and their screen sizes do not changed on mobile devices.

Responsive designs make websites more user friendly

When you build your site using the latest responsive designs, you also create a much more user friendly and usually the site is faster too.