Mar 6 2015

How To Quit Smoking with E Cigarettes

Why E Cigarettes Cant Help You Quit Smoking

Electric cigarettes are now being introduced in the online market as a new and effective way of aiding the smokers in their decision to finally stop tobacco smoking. These ecigs, as they are popularly known, are electronic devices that aim to replace the tobacco smoking habit. Typical e health cigarette consists only of two parts: the heating pad which is connected to a small lithium battery and a cartridge where the nicotine juice is located. Because these electric cigarettes are really small just like its tobacco counterpart, it doesn’t make sense for the ecigs to have small and complicated parts which can get lost easily. With the two part structure, the smoker can easily and quickly replace the cartridge of the e health cigarette once the nicotine juice has been used up.

E cigs are basically artificial cigarettes made up of electronic components. They give analogous sensations similar to those given by common cigarettes, and are electronic devices with a battery that are rechargeable. They are less harmful than that of conventional cigarettes. An electronic cigarette consists of three parts: an atomizer, batteries and e liquid. The atomizer is a small coil which generates heat with the help of lithium powered battery. The heat from the atomizer vaporizes the e liquid to give out smoke. The e liquid is available in different flavors and strengths according to the requirements of the user. It basically functions as an inhaler and is an effective substitute for the conventional tobacco cigarettes.

E Cigs are the latest buzzword in quit smoking products and users have found them to be quite effective in curbing the habit. An E Cig is shaped just like a regular cigarette device, except that it does not have tobacco content. Instead, it uses a nicotine solution which gets vaporized when the device is activated. The vapor that arises from the device gives off the same sense of satisfaction as that of a real smoke.

Apart from many good effects on health, e cigs are comparatively cheaper than the traditional cigarettes. Moreover, it gives the smoker complete satisfaction of taking a real puff.  This device is gaining reputation rapidly among smokers. Smokers who wish to quit smoking are switching to e cigs since they have the ability to wean off this urge. They also have plenty of benefits like no smell, no tar and no passive smoking effect and are quite economical and versatile.

Choosing to buy electric cigarettes can actually save many people money in the long run. Many regular smokers have found that they’re inclined to smoke less once they have started to buy electric cigarettes, as they don’t feel so forced to smoke an entire tobacco cigarette just because it’s there in their hand. With electric cigarettes, smokers may pick up the smokeless cigarette, take a few puffs until they feel as though their craving as been adequately satisfied, and then put the cigarette down. How often do you really see a smoker light up a regular cigarette, take a few puffs of it, and put it out?

Many people who buy electric cigarettes choose to buy refillable e cigarette cartridges, as they feel that these save them more money in the long run. With refillable e cigarette cartridges, the smoker simply puts more e liquid into the cartridge when they feel that it’s running out. E liquid, or e juice, is the liquid that contains nicotine and flavor, but is also available without nicotine as well if you prefer the act of smoking without taking in nicotine.

In purchasing electric cigarettes, the smoker must make sure that he/she gets the same feeling that he/she gets when he/she is smoking a real tobacco cigarette. Vapor thickness is a necessary attribute of ecigs. The vapor must be thick enough just like that of the real tobacco. It must stay in the mouth and float in the air when exhaled. The smoker must be able to taste the vapor of the e health cigarette.

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